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The Nicky Byrne Shrine

All you need to know about Nicky Byrne!


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Full Name: Nicholas Bernard James Adam Byrne
D.O.B: 9th October 1978
Nicknames: Nix, Nickster, Nicko, Nicky
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde
Height: 5ft 10in
Star Sign: Libra
Place Of Birth: Baldoyle, Dublin, Ireland
Family: Mum; Yvonne, Dad; Nicky, Brother; Adam, Sister; Gillian
Status: Nicky has been going out with Georgina for 6 years.
Previous Jobs: Footballer; goalkeeper for Leeds United.
Likes: Football, Eating out, shopping, and travelling home to see his family
Dislikes: Smoking, nasty people
Distinguishing Marks: Nicky has his ear pierced and has a celtic design tattoo on his back...


>>He's a really romantic lad at heart. He once flew home and hid in his girlfriends room to suprise her! ahhhh!!
>>He thinks it's more comfortable without underwear on...oooh!!
>>If he woke up as a girl, he says that he'd be a lesbian!
>>Nicky once snogged 11 girl in one night!! hehe

Nicky's Favourites

Actor: Bruce Willis and Brad Pitt
Actress: Demi Moore and Cameron Diaz
Animals: Dogs and Horses
Band: Boyzone
Brand of clothes: Gucci
Cereal: Sugar Puffs
Clothes: Smart clothes
Colour: Blue, white or black
Drink: coca cola
Dinner Choice: His nana's sunday dinner!
Snack: mam's fry up
Phrase or saying: 'have to eat lads'
Girl: G
Bezzie Mate: Cos & Skinner
Football team: Manchester United
Fave Sport: football
Movie: Top Gun
Music: Pop, chart music, classical
Fave Subject: P.E
Fave TV Programme: Friends
Part of his body: Eyes
Pizza: Cheese and tomato
Place: Dublin
Place to chill: On his couch in front of his living room in Dublin
Pop star: Shane Westlife
Snog: His girlfriend
Soap character: Chandler from Friends
Soft drink: Pepsi
Song: Flying without wings - their song!
Westlife song: Moments

Nicky Quotes:

"I get really shy around girls. I think it's because I never know what to talk about and I worry that I'm going to get laughed at. It doesn't stop me talking to someone I like, though. I just hope I don't say anything wrong!" Nicky on girls!! ahh!

"I think about rude things every 5 minutes!" lol

"I like to pick Georgina up from college in the afternoon. I wait outside the gates for her in the car. I did that yesturday and two lads came up, recognised me, and gave me the finger, just for sitting there. It shocks you every time, you don't get used to it. I've learned just to smile and wave at them. Without being big-headed, they don't know me so they've no reason not to like me, and they're probably just jealous. At the end of the day I'm the one in the BMW, after all"